VOICE MAIL – GOLD – PKG RATE -  $2.95/MONTH (packaged w/internet svc)

           EMAIL OPTION   (may not work well with dialup internet due to large file size)



582-7777 – number dialed to access voice mail system for message retrieval or changes in voice mailbox setup

VOICE MAIL BOX NUMBER - same as the customer’s phone number; 10 digits – 402-582-XXXX

PASSWORD – initially setup as last four digits of customer’s phone number; customer needs to change to whatever they choose and write new password down; if customer forgets their password, Plainview Telephone will notbe able to retrieve what their password was and therefore, will need to reset the password

OUTGOING MESSAGE – system knows whether customer is on the phone or is just not answering and replies to the caller with the appropriate message




MESSAGE LENGTH – approximately 2 minutes

DAYS OF STORAGE – unlimited; message will remain until customer deletes it

MESSAGE WAITING LIGHT – customer needs to purchase a message waiting light or a phone with a message waiting light

PING RING – when customer is on the phone and receives a call, call is sent to voice mail; as soon as customer hangs up, they will receive a ping ring (short ring) to alert them to the fact that they received a voice mail message while they were on the phone

STUTTER DIAL TONE ALERT – lets the customer know he/she has a voice mail.  customer can still make a call even though the stutter dial tone is on their line; stutter dial tone will remain on their line until they save or delete the call



NOTE – if no outgoing messages are recorded, the caller will receive a generic outgoing message "the person at 582-xxxx is

dial 582-7777

system prompts you for your mailbox #; enter 402-582-XXXX

system prompts you for your password; enter password (initially setup as last four digits of customer’s phone number, customer needs to change)

listen to system prompts

press "0" (zero) for mailbox options

press "1" to record UNAVAILABLE MESSAGE – follow prompts

press "3" to record BUSY MESSAGE – follow prompts

Once you have your mailbox set up, you can call the office and we will help you test and make sure your messages are working properly.


go to www.plvwtelco.net

click on "VOICEMAIL" on the top of the page which takes you to the Internet page.  Click on Manage Voicemail to bring up the customer sign in page

enter your email address & password used to setup your voice mail account

click on the "MAILBOX SETTINGS" tab

in the settings section, you will find "EMAIL NOTIFICATION OF NEW MESSAGES"

input a VALID email address in the space provided

to enable the option to attach a voice mail message as a .wav file to the email notification,   
click in the box "ATTACH MESSAGE TO EMAIL"     


test the notification by leaving a voice mail message to your mailbox, this is to confirm the address was entered properly