Plainview Telephone Co. 

1903 - 2008


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Yes... We do have "CLASS"

for example, Caller I.D. or Call Waiting I.D. ......      

You can see who's calling BEFORE you answer the phone !!!



Providing local Internet access to the Serving area via....

Dial-Up, High Speed DSL, and Wireless!!




 Mobile Phone & Paging service to the area..



Voice Mail  
is available for your home or Business....Call for details.
(Click on "Voice Mail" above for detailed info and/or printable instructions)



    CLASS  features  
caller ID, calling ID suppression,

    Custom Calling Features   
Call waiting, Call waiting ID, call forwarding, 3 way calling, Distinctive ring, Speed calling, Warm line, Call Forward Busy etc.


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Nyecom Long Distance

Non-Continental, Canada, &  International Rates

402-582-4242 for more information



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