Prevent Spam

Is spam reaching your inbox?
The heuristic filters can block up to 95% of spam from reaching your inbox. Unwanted messages can still get through. Follow these steps to maximize your filter effectiveness:

           Check your settings. In the Nyecom filter you can choose to Quarantine or Block messages.            You can also add those senders or domains to your blocked senders or Enemies list.

Review your Approved Mailing List.  You should visit the Message Center to confirm that legitimate messages are not quarantined. If they are, add those senders or domains to your Friends list.

Forward your spam. Participate in keeping the filters accurate by sending your unfiltered spam messages AS ATTACHMENTS in email to Nyecom's spam filter This does not guarantee that these messages will be filtered in the future, but will make it more likely.


"NOTE:   To forward the email as an attachment, highlight the email that you feel is spam and then click on "Message" at the top of your email program.  That should drop down a number of options.  One of those options is: "Forward as an Attachment".  Just click on that and it will open up a new email with that email already set as an attachment.  (attaching the email retains all of the original information as to where it came from so Edgewave can track it back.)"
               In Microsoft Outlook you have to click on New Email.  When the new email box opens you will need to click on Attach Item and then in the drop box choose Inbox.  Select the email you want to attach and send the email to

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