Plainview Historical Society
(Member of National Historical Society)


P.O. Box 495

Plainview, Ne  68769



May 1st through Labor Day
Tuesday through Sunday
from 1-5 p.m. or by appointment.


304 S Main--2 blocks south of Plainview Public Library
or 1 block south of Midwest Bank.



The old railroad depot was built in 1880 and the last train came through in 1978. 
After being vacant for a number of years and a possibility of being razed, various citizens
restored both floors of the depot and moved all of the historical items into its current location.   The Historical Society maintains the museum
 and it is open May through Labor Day; for more information contact Lois Olson 402-582-4699 or CloAnn Shamblen at 402-582-4656..



The Plainview Historical Society
was organized in 1968. The initial museum
was an old barn purchased by Lula
Lingenfelter.  It was relocated to the Band
shell Park. Later the society purchased the
old C&NW Depot, thanks to the generosity
of Lula Lingenfelter and Mere Hill.

The barn and its contents were
relocated to the depot property.
The society held its first meeting
in the new museum in October
of 1977.

The society, to this day,
maintains the museum with a small but
dedicated and enthusiastic membership of approximately 100 members.

The society maintains a policy of
actively seeking donations of
items which are at least 50
years old.

Membership is open to all
people interested in the history
of the Plainview area. Membership
is not restricted to persons living
in Plainview. Dues are $20 per
year for individuals.  The society
meets each month.  The
meetings are
at the museum as weather permits.



The depot was built in 1880 by
the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railroad as they built a
line from Norfolk to Niobrara. The
first agent was K. Tripple who
was appointed on Oct. 26, 1880.
In 1903 the rail line was sold to
the Chicago and Northwestern
Railroad who extended the line to
Winner, S.D. In1913 the depot
was lengthened from 64 to 90 feet and
a brick veneer was added to the

Upstairs the museum contains a complete apartment where the depot agent and
his family lived. Shown are examples of
furniture, clothing, cooking utensils, and appliances.

The last depot agent was Warren Fusselman
who moved out of the apartment in 1959.
The depot was closed in 1960.

The last train on the Chicago
Northwestern Railroad went from
Winner S.D. to Norfolk Neb.
on June 19, 1978.

The museum has an extensive collection of photographs. The museum also has
many antiques, including a large-wheeled
bicycle, wedding dresses, 1927 rodeo saddle, quilts, telephones, and a
1917 Edison record player. There
are many other items of interest for all age groups.


There  are several repair and remodeling
projects which need to be undertaken.

The museum is not heated and the society
would like to insulate and heat the museum.

The shutters and trim on the depot and barn
are in need of paint.

Electrical work needs to be done on the barn.

An additional building could also provide
storage for items not currently on display,
such as farm machinery or tools used long ago.
This space could also be used for hands-on demonstrations.

The society would like to purchase several
easels so that photographs and/or pictures on different themes could be displayed and
rotated throughout the year.




If you're looking for history in or near Plainview,Ne , send email to the mailbox  below