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Plainview Telephone Company got its start in 1903.  Merchants in town were provided
with primitive telephone service using a switchboard and operator. Within a year or two
several rural farm lines were connected by overhead wires (sometimes strung on existing
fence posts) to the central office.

In those days, seven or eight neighbors shared a "party line." The switchboard was
manned 24 hours a day. The operators connected callers and searched house to
house for one of the doctors, if they were needed as they knew the doctors'
schedules and habits as well as most everything else that was going on in Plainview .

By 1910 F.W. Hansen, the owner, employed three switchboard operators, one lineman, and
the company claimed 235 town lines as well as 102 farm subscribers.

In 1912 C.W. Smith purchased the company. His only daughter, Hildred, married G.F.
"Doc" Nye. Their descendants have operated the company ever since.

1961 marked the end of an era.  The traditional operator and switchboard was converted
to dial telephones. Also by 1961 Plainview Telephone had achieved an all-buried wire
and cable system, replacing the old pole and wire construction which was so susceptible
to weather-related interruptions.

By the early 1980s rural party line service was converted to all-private lines.  Fiber optic
cable was buried to supply high-demand areas such as schools and the town hospital.

In 1990 the entire system was changed to digital switching which allowed "equal access"
for long distance carriers and new features such as call waiting, caller ID, and call forwarding.

In 1997 Nyecom/Plainview Telephone was able to offer local internet access to its
customers. By 1999 high-speed access, or DSL, was offered to town subscribers.

In 1999 a new building was erected at the same location on south Main Street.

In 2005 Plainview Telephone began laying fiber optic cable to each home and business
in Plainview. The new Fiber to the Home Project offered the capability of higher internet
speeds and new opportunities for business expansion in the city of Plainview.

2008 saw the expansion of the fiber optic project to rural areas of the Plainview Telephone
exchange, thus allowing rural subscribers the same services and high-speed internet
access as town subscribers.

Plainview Telephone Company has been a long-standing service provider in the local
community, supplying phone and internet service to Plainview for over
100 years.